Have questions about the Barn Smokers? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is a Barn Smoker?

The Barn Smoker concept is an event unique to Drew Estate. We bring you, the consumer, to the barn to learn about how tobacco is grown and processed by the people who do the work.

How do I get there?

We recommend driving, as the barns are not convenient for public transit. We will have parking available free of charge at the event. We recommend carpooling if possible as parking will get crowded.

What will we do during the event?

Check each event page for specifics, but the general premise is to learn the process of growing and processing tobacco at the farm level. This will include tours of the barns, listening to people involved firsthand in the process, and tasting tobaccos.

What happens if it rains?

Barn Smokers are rain or shine events. Prepare accordingly. If it’s raining, bring ponchos and shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy.

Can I bring my kids/is there an age limit?

Due to the nature of this event which includes lots of smoking and drinking, we are limiting attendance to those who are 21 or older. We will be checking IDs at the door, so please come prepared.

Who from Drew Estate will be in attendance?

Expect to hang out with the likes of Jonathan Drew, Willy Herrera, Pedro Gomez, and more of the Drew Estate crew.