Through the desire to reinvigorate the cigar world, Drew Estate was born in Brooklyn, NY, but raised in Nicaragua to become one of the premier cigar manufacturers in the world.

It has been almost 30 years since the opening of their first factory in Estelí, with their newest one, La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, as the largest cigar factory in Central America. Through the years since, co-founder and owner Jonathan Drew has grown his empire by gaining knowledge directly from tobacco farmers industry leaders and building a strong team of hard-working, like-minded aficionados to create unique methods exclusive to each farm the brand collaborates with for their product. From understanding the soil and cutting the stalk to curing and the dedication it takes to produce high-quality cigars, all parts of the process are uniquely their own, and there’s no better way to do it.

Meet Jonathan Drew

Founder and President Jonathan Drew is intimately familiar with premium cigars all the way from seed to stick!

When it comes to our Barn Smoker events, you can expect JD to dive deep into the preparation process of the tobacco leaves we use to make your favorite cigars like Liga Privada and Undercrown. Learn about the journey that tobacco goes through once it’s cut from the stalk and undergoes the many techniques perfected throughout history. Depending on the brand, the tobaccos we use go through different types of curing. Jonathan is going to walk you through the art of each of those methods as they pertain to the different farms we visit and he’ll explain why these techniques make all the difference!

Meet Our Ambassadors

Willy Herrera

A veteran in the industry and the Master Blender of Drew Estate, Willy is an educator on the science of blending premium cigars. He curated a balance of spice and sweetness with his brand, Herrera Esteli. His journey has allowed him to uncover unique tobacco characteristics and how they contribute to the flavor of a cigar. Additionally, he’s discovered and continues to share blending techniques to create a cigar’s consistency throughout each batch. He’s a library of knowledge that you will want to listen to and absorb.

Pedro Gomez

Notable for his work in driving Drew Estate's success, Pedro began working with the company as a factory worker in 1998 and is now a brand leader and ambassador. He is seen as a well-known figure in the cigar industry and is skilled in everything there is to know about the conditions required to grow quality tobacco. From the seeds and soil to the water and hard work that’s essential to production, Pedro’s knowledge is as premium as the cigars he creates.

Izola Woods

Engrained in cigar culture, there is no question why, with Izola’s experience, she is Drew Estate’s lifestyle ambassador. Thanks to being certified in Bourbon with a depth of knowledge of the liquor industry, she knows how to perfectly pair a premium cigar with quality spirits. She is a go-to for what’s current, trending, and important within the cigar community.

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